• Customer notification from the Saint-Gobain company to change the material of their products.

    Change Description: One of our bellows supplier has selected and validated a second source of PTFE 7AX blank to increase his bellows production capacity
    Sheet 1 - Sheet 2

  • New Piping App by PlastOmatic

    Calculate GPM / Cv / Pressure Drop Calculate Pressure Regulator Size Requirements Calculate Water Hammer & Arrestor Size CAFE Actuator & Valve Configurator Free download for Android or iPhone PDF -

    Our manufacturers

    We are Germany´s distributor for Saint-Gobain, Kofloc and Aerre Inox
    We also distribute products of the companies: Tescom, ChemTec, Versa, Hydrasun, Ham-Let, PlastOmatic, iPolymer and much more

    • Saint-Gobain

      High purity Pumps, Valves, Fittings and Tubes

    • Kofloc

      Flow Meters and Controllers

    • Aerre Inox

      Valves, Hoses, TKC, Sight glasses

    • Emerson - Tescom

      Valves, Valve blocks, Pressure regulators

    • ChemTec

      Excess Flow valves, Flow monitors, sensor, switches and meters

    • Versa

      Standard and Stainless steel Valves

    • iPolymer

      Purity Valves, PTFE Spray guns, Fittings and Connectors

    • Our own label

      High quality stainless steel pressure gauges

      Our Team

      We also take care of your difficult requests.

      We research and do not rest until we have found a solution for you.

      We are your reliable partner and caretaker in these times of crisis!

      • Josef - girl Friday :o)

        Josef - girl Friday :o)

        Owner of an IT company with media support since 1998. Since the beginning of 2021 Wholesale for precision fittings

      • Claudia - Orders

        Claudia - Orders

        Responsible for your orders

      • Tahnee - Bookkeeping

        Tahnee - Bookkeeping

        Freelance accountant who assists us

      • Renate - Customer

        Renate - Customer

        Responsible for your customer service

      • Papa - Shipping

        Papa - Shipping

        Help during the vacation season

        • Robert Bosch

        • Infineon - Germany and Austria

        • Continental

        • PINK

        • Qualcomm

        • X-FAB

        • OMV

        • Emerson

        • ABB

        • Tadiran

        • Linde

        • Gunvor

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          Robert Bosch, Infineon - Germany and Austria, Pink, Qualcomm, XFAB, OMV, Emerson, ABB, Tadiran Batteries, Linde Gas, Gunvor and many more.

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            Our order Line is available:
            +49 (0) 8442 / 5 04 40 91

            Google Map

            Google Map

            We are a still young family business, which in February 2021 has taken over the customer base and manufacturers of a company that has existed for 40 years for further support.

            Pauderer Precision valves distribution
            Semptstrasse 8a,

            85296 Rohrbach
            Bavaria, Germany
            +49 (0)8442 / 5 04 40 91