• Customer notification from the Saint-Gobain company to change the material of their products.

    Change Description: One of our bellows supplier has selected and validated a second source of PTFE 7AX blank to increase his bellows production capacity
    Sheet 1 - Sheet 2

  • Price increase by Tescom

    Tescom increased their prices since October 1st. 2023.
  • Price increase by Versa

    Versa increased their prices since August 1st. 2023.
  • Saint-Gobain inform about pricing and lead time

    Quotes valid for shipments in 2023 *pricing or lead time may be revised if there is significant change of the economic environment or cost of raw material. in addition, pricing may be subject to change for shipments taking place in 2024 as pricing has not yet been determined*

    Our manufacturers

    We are Germany´s distributor for Saint-Gobain, Kofloc and Aerre Inox
    We also distribute products of the companies: Tescom, ChemTec, Versa, Hydrasun, Ham-Let, PlastOmatic, iPolymer and much more

    • Saint-Gobain

      High purity Pumps, Valves, Fittings and Tubes

    • Kofloc

      Flow Meters and Controllers

    • Aerre Inox

      Valves, Hoses, TKC, Sight glasses

    • Emerson - Tescom

      Valves, Valve blocks, Pressure regulators

    • ChemTec

      Excess Flow valves, Flow monitors, sensor, switches and meters

    • Versa

      Standard and Stainless steel Valves

    • iPolymer

      Purity Valves, PTFE Spray guns, Fittings and Connectors

    • Our own label

      High quality stainless steel pressure gauges

      Our Team

      We also take care of your difficult requests.

      We research and do not rest until we have found a solution for you.

      We are your reliable partner and caretaker in these times of crisis!

      • Josef - girl Friday :o)

        Josef - girl Friday :o)

        Owner of an IT company with media support since 1998. Since the beginning of 2021 Wholesale for precision fittings

      • Claudia - Orders

        Claudia - Orders

        Responsible for your orders

      • Tahnee - Bookkeeping

        Tahnee - Bookkeeping

        Freelance accountant who assists us

      • Renate - Customer

        Renate - Customer

        Responsible for your customer service

      • Papa - Shipping

        Papa - Shipping

        Help during the vacation season

        • Robert Bosch

        • Infineon - Germany and Austria

        • PINK

        • Qualcomm

        • X-FAB

        • OMV

        • Emerson

        • ABB

        • Tadiran

        • Linde

        • Gunvor

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          Robert Bosch, Infineon - Germany and Austria, Pink, Qualcomm, XFAB, OMV, Emerson, ABB, Tadiran Batteries, Linde Gas, Gunvor and many more.

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            Our order Line is available:
            +49 (0) 8442 / 5 04 40 91

            Google Map

            Google Map

            We are a still young family business, which in February 2021 has taken over the customer base and manufacturers of a company that has existed for 40 years for further support.

            Pauderer Precision valves distribution
            Semptstrasse 8a,

            85296 Rohrbach
            Bavaria, Germany
            +49 (0)8442 / 5 04 40 91